Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Revoltionize Your Health With The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Revolutionize Your Health With The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet
By []Ashley J Detig 

The past several years has seen the rise and fall of numerous new fad diets, each claiming to help you lose weight fast and help you attain a healthy lifestyle. The past few years, however, has seen an increase in the popularity of one diet that has been around for centuries. To categorize Raw food as a "diet" is almost unfair as it resembles more of a lifestyle than just a temporary change in eating habits, and people have been practicing this lifestyle for generations. 

The benefits of a raw food diet are numerous. They are natural, uncooked, un-processed produce, nuts, and seeds whose nutrient properties are so rich that they are often accredited with major healing in the body. Raw foodists claim the benefits of a raw food diet can (and often do) include drastic weight loss, clearer skin, a clearer mind, and an endless supply of energy.

Scientifically, these claims may not be as extreme as they first appear. The SAD (Standard American Diet) also has many people consuming foods that are highly processed with chemicals that are difficult for the body to digest. When food is cooked, over 50% of the protein content is lost and many enzymes required for efficient digestion are denatured. It would be logical to assume that by consuming foods that maintain these essential digestive-aiding nutrients, your body is would be better equipped to digest and rid your body of toxins more quickly, therefore, allowing your body to heal more quickly and the benefits of a raw food diet to surface.

Increased energy is one benefit of a raw food diet that is most widely reported by those who first transition to raw foods. New raw foodists claim to have an abundance of energy as well as a clearer mind allowing them to focus more on the tasks before them. When you consume large quantities of cooked, processed foods, your body must pool energy from other regenerative sources in order to digest that food in a timely manner. However, when one consumes high quantities of raw food, the digestive enzymes in that food aid the body in digestion and don't require energy to be taken from any other regenerative function. This is the most efficient way for your body to function.

A common misconception with this lifestyle is that you must be consuming 85-90% raw foods on a daily basis. While this is greatly beneficial for your body, you can experience the benefits of a raw food diet by just adding a few raw components to your pre-existing dietary plan. A great way to include raw foods in your diet is to begin with one meal at a time. Making a raw breakfast smoothie [] is a quick, and simple way to experience these amazing benefits. You can throw together an easy super breakfast smoothies in five minutes or less and provide your body with super healing nutrients. Get access here [] to get the raw recipe that will clear your skin, clear your mind, and have you bouncing off the walls with energy.

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