Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Top 30 YouTube Channels for free workout videos

  1. Diet.com video channel – This channel provide tips on diet, nutrition, fitness and lots and lots of free exercise videos.
  2. DormFit – Workout programs that you can do inside of your dorm room, apartment, or room with next to no equipment.
  3. LiveStrong Channel – Another site that provide numerous free diet and nutritional and exercise videos.
  4. eHowFitness Channel – Of course this is another that makes the top list obviously.  Contains many free videos for almost anything you’re looking to do/learn.
  5. CurtisPenner Channel – From befitandstrong.com, this channel provides lots of basic exercise videos.
  6. START Fitness – Free military style exercise videos.  Nice collection.
  7. Scooby’s Channel – This is the channel you want to subscribe to if you’re serious about body building.
  8. Passion4profession Channel – Intends to promote through its multimedia contents, improvements in the physical condition and the development of a positive and winning state-of-mind, typical of sports environments.
  9. Johnson & Johnson health channel – A very nicely organized channel by J&J, one of the most successful companies in the world.  Lots of free health, nutrition and workout videos.
  10. SixPackExposed’s Channel – Get a six pack with these free videos.
  11. Eat Stop Eat TV – Lose weight easily with the Eat Stop Eat method of flexible intermittent fasting.
  12. Official KDT Academy Channel – FizFit Workouts, Kettlebell workouts, Crazy Monkey Defense, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  13. Inshape4u channel – Rocky Balboa style free workout videos.
  14. HomeFitnessTV – Lots of quick and free exercise videos to stretch and strengthen core areas.
  15. Natural Bodybuilding How To Channel – Increase muscle mass with these free bodybuilding videos.
  16. Ask The Trainer Channel – Lots of free videos from a personal trainer.
  17. The Best Way To Exercise – Many videos with tips and techniques on best and simplest ways to exercise.
  18. SparkPeople’s channel – Provides free diet, nutrition and work out videos.  A very large community, tons of free exercise videos.
  19. ZiddyFit’s Channel - Balance training.
  20. Free Yoga Videos – Lots of free yoga videos in this channel.
  21. Yoga Today- Another channel with free yoga videos.
  22. VinceDelMonte channel - Advanced muscle building videos.
  23. FATLOSS LIFESTYLE - free tips, videos on efficient ways to lose fat.
  24. ThinQ Fitness – Free online workout videos for all ages.
  25. The Best Way To Exercise – Largest list of free videos for full body workouts.
  26. Runner’s World TV – Free videos for runners and cardio exercises.
  27. DanceExercise – A set of fun low impact aerobic dance exercises.  Also has a DVD you can buy if you like the samples they have on YouTube.
  28. Turbulence Training – Lose fat and gain muscle with combination of different exercises.  Lots of free workout videos.
  29. Bodyweightcultureman’s Channel – Another channel that teaches unique ways to get into shape.
  30. Deerunstoo’s channel – A certified public health educator, has lots of videos on YouTube that provide basic exercise videos as well as nutritional tips.


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