Tuesday, October 15, 2013

5 Simple Tips to get you out of a Fitness Rut

  1. Find the right workout buddy. When I’m training for a long distance race my older sister is my ideal partner- she’s a little bit faster and a lot more disciplined than me so it keeps me on my toes.  When I’m interested in building strength through weight lifting my boyfriend is more than willing to commit to a regular gym routine.  My best friend is my best bet when I’m trying to take it easy and want to spend regular mornings running intervals at the park. Name your fitness goals and find a buddy that fits them- your workout routine evolves so your go to buddy might need to, too!
  2. Experiment with intervalsResearch shows interval training works.  Try it out and see what you think- it’ll be hard to go back to your old routine!
  3. Pick the right tunes. This seems so simple but can go such a long way.  I change my music based on my fitness goals all the time- full albums I love are great for long runs, up tempo music works better for weight lifting, and consistent beats are best for at home yoga practice.  Spend an hour or two updating some work out playlists and you’ll definitely reap the benefits.
  4. Find a food and fitness routine that works for you. One of the biggest lessons I learned while training for my first marathon is what you eat before, during and after intense exercise matters and a one size fits all approach doesn’t work.  Pay attention to what you’re consuming when you work out and how you feel.  Mix up your routine to see if you can find a better combination and commit!
  5. Try something new! With online discount sites like Groupon and Living Social it’s incredibly easy to try a new fitness routine without making a big commitment.  Are you a dedicated long distance runner who just finished your last big race of the season?  Try out the bar method?  Are you a devoted yogi who has plateaued in class?  Take Soul Cycle for a spin.  You might not start a new love affair with a new type of exercise but you’ll challenge your mind and body by mixing up your routine.

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