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4 Nutrition and Fitness Facts That You Probably Didn't Know

4 Nutrition and Fitness Facts That You Probably Didn't Know
By []J. R. Anderson 

These days there is so much junk that clogs up the internet in regards to fitness that it's hard to keep up. With new research coming out daily, it's difficult because what you know now can be obsolete tomorrow. Let's look at four of the more interesting tidbits that we all should be more educated about.

1. How many should I cut to lose weight?
There are roughly 3500 calories in one pound of body weight. So if you were to have a 500 calorie a day deficit in your diet then you could potentially lose a pound per week. That being said, as you cut your calories to a certain extent your metabolism starts to slow down. Instead of cutting 500 calories form your diet; try cutting only 200 calories (1800 daily calories). This sets yourself up for a more sustainable weight loss that can take you further then quick diet restriction. 

2. Can I spot-train to burn specific regions of fat?
Nope you sure can't! Doing all those crunches will not reduce the fat specifically from the abs but it will cause muscle growth there. Through your diet you can decrease the fat throughout your body which will help the muscles underneath that region show more. That is exactly how you get toned. 

3. Are all supplements the same?
First and foremost, multivitamins are great for overall health and immune function. The problem is that many multivitamins are not absorbed very well by the digestive system because they are synthetics. Likewise, a Consumer Report study indicated that almost all store-bought pill multivitamins were practically the same; so buy the cheap stuff! An alternative is liquid multivitamins. They are easier to take for those that have problems swallowing pills and they have been found to be absorbed faster (already dissolved and ready to use) then pills.

4. Should obese individuals start-off with running?
Obese individuals should not start off on a running routine because it can lead to injury and dropout from the exercise routine. Being obese puts more pressure on your joints, especially when running on pavement; the constant joint pounding can cause injury. Starting out too hard too fast can cause the individual to be sore or just quit the program. One way to begin is by briskly walking for 45 minutes each day until you build up your exercise efficiently and lose body weight. Eventually you can progress into a running routine. 

New research always is coming to light that shapes our views on fitness. Keep these four topics in mind next time you are trying to lose weight, choose a multivitamin, or develop an exercise plan!

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