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8 Supercharged Foods

8 Supercharged Foods
By []J. R. Anderson 

Are you feeling worn down and fatigued? Before you reach for that energy drink try some of these all natural supercharged energy foods to put that pep back in your step!

1. Eggs - Eggs contain a ton of protein and numerous vitamins including many B-vitamins and vitamin D in a small package. Vitamin D helps keep your immune system running smoothly while B-vitamins help convert food into energy. Talk about a substantial energy boost.

2. Sweet potato - Being a carbohydrate, sweet potatoes pack a punch when it comes to energy. They help fuel the body in the form of glucose which energizes the brain and central nervous system (plus a bunch of other functions). The high carb load of sweet potatoes along with its load of vitamin A and C will help you stave off fatigue any time of the day with a perfect snack.

3. Honey - Want nature's natural energy drink? Try a spoon full of honey! It helps refuel and replenish muscles during and after a workout due to it acting as a time released sweetener.

4. Bananas -Bananas are loaded with fructose, sucrose, and glucose, this can provide a substantial boost of energy. But combine this with its high fiber load and you get a sustained boost of energy.

5. Spinach - This food rocks! Spinach is one of the most nutrient dense foods there is. Loaded with iron, vitamin C, and antioxidants spinach provides a great energy boost by replenishing any nutrients you may be running low on which helps make the body run more smoothly, leaving you feeling revitalized!

6. Beans -Beans offer your protein and the energy boost of a carbohydrate! Likewise, beans are loaded with fiber meaning they will stick with you longer, balancing out your energy level. Plus they are loaded with magnesium and iron which can help boost energy levels.

7. Nuts - Nuts are of America's favorite snacks and for good reason. Nuts provide a ton of nutrients like manganese, riboflavin, copper, selenium, vitamin E and a good dose of heart healthy omega-3s. These nutrients will help your revitalize and reboost one handful at a time.

8. Yogurt - Protein plus calcium plus magnesium, yogurt offers a plethora of options that help energize us. Magnesium is crucial for energy release while the protein helps us stay fuller longer.

Bonus Supercharger: Exercise - Get out and exercise. Exercise is one of the best energy boosters there is. It gets your blood pumping, oxygen flowing and endorphins releasing to cause you to feel more energized but also just gives you a greater sense of well being. An endorphin rush can go a long way!

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