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Healthy Eating 5 Times Every Day

Healthy Eating 5 Times Every Day
By []Gregory L Gomez 

For those of you concerned about losing weight, improving your daily healthy eating habits are key points that need to be developed and consistently maintained. Instead of cramming three large meals into your body every day which will often be an excess, when planned accordingly you should be eating at five different times throughout the day.

By providing your body with five different opportunities to take in food, you prevent yourself from going into hunger mode where you start craving anything and everything. It is typically in these situations when the unhealthy stuff makes their way into the body and at amounts that are quite abundant.

Think about the last time you felt as if you were starving and what you ate at the next meal. More than likely you ate an excessive amount of food trying to quench that hunger feeling that was consuming your every thought.

Healthy Eating 5 Times Every Day Is Possible When You Take Time To Plan

These are the types of situations you want to avoid at all costs since it's these moments that are the epitome of binge eating. That is why it is imperative you plan out your meals and snacks for each day so that healthy eating becomes your top priority and your ticket to weight loss.

You will find that by giving your body five healthy eating, appropriately portion sized amounts of food, your body will be nourished throughout the entire day and never be yearning to be fed.

Therefore even though you will be eating at five different times moments during the day, you will still be able to keep your daily calorie total between 1,200-1,600 adjusted as you see fit or as your needs require. When you appropriately time your meals and snacks as per the following schedule, healthy eating five times a day is the perfect solution to put you on track towards living a healthy life.

Breakfast - 8am
Nutritious Snack - 10:30am
Lunch - 12:30pm
Nutritious Snack - 3pm
Dinner - 6pm
*adjust the times to fit with your daily schedule

Let's look closely at the food/snacks a typical day could consist of so you get an idea of how to plan.

Your breakfast meal can consist of oatmeal with raisins, a whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter and honey, or an egg white only, mushroom, and tomato omelette with non-fat milk. Each one of these options hovers around 250 calories. Your nutritious snack, a fruit or a bag of raisins with almonds, chased down with a bottle of water - 150 calories. Your lunch can consist of a turkey, spinach, tomato wrap with a fruit or one of the many frozen Lean Cuisine Meal options - 350 calories. The mid-afternoon snack consisting of either a granola bar or veggies with lite ranch dressing along with a bottle of water - a meager 150 calories. Finally dinner of grilled chicken and vegetables or whole wheat pasta and a salad - 400 calories.

Even though you are eating at five different times throughout the day, since you will be consuming healthy foods in appropriate portion sizes you will still have a daily overall calorie total at a healthy amount. After tallying up all five eating moments listed above, you arrive at just 1,300 calories!

Healthy Eating Every Day Will Soon Lead To Healthy Habits And Weight Loss

Just keep in mind that healthy eating five times a day will provide you will numerous confrontations with food and if you allow yourself to be persuaded into grabbing that bag of potato chips, pouring that large glass of soda, getting second servings of food, or snacking on other junk food, your overall calorie total will go up and over your daily target amount.

Develop healthy eating habits by preparing your meals and snacks in advance so you know exactly what you will be having the following day. By doing so you will not be confronted with situations that may lead you into an unhealthy situation. Also, with a specific plan in hand, you have complete control over your portions and will be able to keep each eating instance healthy and appropriate.

Gregory L. Gomez, M. Ed, an elementary school teacher for 13 years, now on a mission to develop a healthy life, lose weight, and finally get in shape. Follow his progress on as he strives to lose 60 pounds through dedicated exercise and healthy eating. Get a FREE monthly Healthy Choices Newsletter along with FREE Healthy Eating Ebook just for stopping by at []

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